From the folks who brought you Palaver Records: Cold Lunch Recordings is bringing you the best garage/psych/punk tunes to stick right in your ear holes.


Meet the team:

DarrellJohn “Darrell” Marris, is a mountain of a man. Like most other people, he puts his pants on both legs at a time. But unlike most other people, he’s been running this record label game for far too long. He’s what some would call “an experienced Jimbo”. He’s helped found several other music related companies, and would die a slow painful death if he wasn’t able to put his expertise into the project that is known as Cold Lunch Recordings. Darrell hasn’t taken a picture with his eyes open since late 2015. You like music? Name every album ever made.







The enchanting Marianne “CORAL” Bowman has had many boyfriends, but the one she loves the most is music. Some tribes in Africa think that the camera will capture your soul, and her pictures are a testament to that fact. Her ability to fart on command, and her deep knowledge of everything in general are what makes her a tip top member of the Cold Lunch Recordings. She’s got the hots for you and wants to show ya… badly.






gYou may recognize the name Don “Taco Terry” Branigan as the cities preeminent arm wrestling champion. His sick sense of humor and floppy jowls make him the foremost choice to be a contender in the Cold Lunch Recordings revolution. Taco Terry is good at many things, including making children and releasing some of the best rock and roll you ever done heard. He might ought should, and he might ought could, but he wouldn’t have done nothing hadn’t he couldn’t have known.







Jesus told many parables, none of them about Jean “Muffler” Pfaendlerizler. She’s already tried everything once, and turns out she’s good at everything too, so her on the Cold Lunch Recordings team was a no-brainer. Before she came around we had never met her. Now we know her and thats okay with us! You can know her too if ya want to; just ask for her by name. Call the 1-900 number on the contact page.